Why disposable vapes are a must have in your store UK

Why disposable vapes are a must have in your store UK

Disposable vapes are the current main trend in the vaping industry. We’re not sure for how long this trend will last, but we know that consumers love these compact, on-the-go devices and currently prefer them over refillable vape kits. Despite the continuous launch of new disposable vapes in the vape category, stocking these vaping devices in your store will only be beneficial given the current trend. Within this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of disposable vape pens as well as why you should stock them in your store to take advantage of the current trend in the category.  

What is a Disposable Vape?  

Before moving on to the advantages and disadvantages of disposable vaping devices, it’s important to understand what disposable vapes are. When a customer asks you for more information on a disposable vaping device, describing what these disposable vape pens are and why they are so popular will most likely result in a sale.  

Disposable vapes are referred to as disposable vape pens, disposable vape kits, disposable e-cigs or just plain disposables. Disposable vapes are single-use e-cigarettes. These vaping devices need no setup or maintenance. This part alone is part of what makes these devices so popular because consumers can just buy a disposable device, remove it from its packaging and start vaping it.  

A disposable vape pen is mainly composed of a built-in battery (fully charged), a mouthpiece, cartridge, vape juice (pre-filled) and a coil. They are all pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid and a fully charged battery. These devices cannot be refilled or recharged.  Disposables are also known for the intense flavour profiles that they offer.  

Disposable Vaping device features 

  • Disposable vaping devices are for single-use 
  • All disposable vaping devices are light and compact 
  • All disposable devices sold in the UK are pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid 
  • Disposables sold in the UK can’t have a nicotine level of more than 20mg 
  • All disposables have a built-in battery 

When a disposable vape is bought, the consumer will receive the device within a sealed box. Disposable devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are prefilled with 2ml e-liquid and a fully charged battery. The e-liquid within these devices can range on nicotine strength, some contain 0mg nicotine while others are based on nicotine salt e-liquid. Upon your first puff through the mouthpiece, the device is automatically activated. Disposables are also launched with a specific puff count, but this ultimately depends on the size of the disposable and the capacity of the e-liquid.  


What are the benefits of disposable vapes? 

Disposable vapes are popular among consumers for many reasons. For one they are easy to carry around and the perfect on-the-go vaping devices. There is a vast range of flavours available to use, which makes these little devices very exciting. Disposable vapes are also perfect for customers wanting to quit smoking based on the design and shape of these devices, it will almost feel as if they are smoking a traditional cigarette. Disposable vapes compose of the latest technology in the vaping industry and are specifically made for consumers looking for a quick and flavourful device without committing to a more permanent vaping solution.   

Why are disposable vape pens so popular? 

Disposable vape pens are designed in such a way that it cannot be used later. It’s designed to be vaped and then thrown away once the e-liquid or the battery runs out. Your normal vape kits and vape devices must be refilled when the e-liquid runs out, but disposables are already pre-filled with e-liquid, which makes them hassle-free, ready-to-go vaping devices. It’s all about the convenience for the consumer, unlike open and closed pod systems that need to be refilled and recharged.  

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Disposable vaping devices? 

Let’s first take a look at the advantages of disposable vaping devices and then the disadvantages of the disposables.  

9 Advantages of disposable vape pens 


  1. They are compact and pocket friendly 
  2. They are less harmful than cigarettes 
  3. You can choose your nicotine strength 
  4. No maintenance 
  5. Smells amazing 
  6. Instant nicotine satisfaction 
  7. Perfect for beginners 
  8. Cost-effective and affordable 
  9. Available in multiple flavours 


Disposable vape pens are compact and pocket friendly 

Disposable vaping devices were designed based on user preferences. This is also specifically aimed at people just starting out in the vaping community. You get tons of different vaping devices available in the vaping market such vapes that need refilling of e-liquids and then pod systems that need changing of pods. Most refillable vaping devices (excluding the vape pen) are usually bigger and bulkier to carry around than disposable vaping devices. Disposable vapes are small, light and can fit in any pocket to carry around.  

Disposable vapes are less harmful than cigarettes 

Cigarettes release tons of toxic chemicals inside your body when you smoke it and when you inhale second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke contains over 7000 chemicals. Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Recommending a disposable vaping device as an alternative to smoking cigarettes might help someone kick the habit and then eventually stop smoking altogether. 

 You can choose your nicotine strength 

Disposable vaping devices are available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength. According to UK law, for a product to be available for the public to purchase it needs to be TPD.TRPR compliant. Part of this law is that it cannot exceed an e-liquid capacity greater than 2ml and it cannot exceed more than 20mg of nicotine levels.  

No maintenance is required with disposable vapes 

What makes these disposable vape kits so remarkable, is the fact that it is draw activated. That means that once this device is bought and removed from its packaging the only thing that customers need to do is to place it in their mouth and inhale. This then activates the device and it’s ready to go.  

Disposable vapour smells amazing 

The smell of cigarettes is unique to its own, but one thing is for sure and that is that it really does not smell well for others around you that do not smoke. If you are used to smoking in your car, home, office or in fact anywhere, not only is it bad for people inhaling second-hand smoke, but also it smells terrible for non-smokers. Vaping on the other hand smells like scented candles in different fruity flavours that are lit just next to you. The vapour also does not cling to clothes as with cigarette smoke.  

Get an instant nicotine satisfaction with disposables vapes 

Nicotine Salt e-liquid is absorbed into your blood faster than freebase nicotine. This is why most customers, especially those that are used to nicotine or those switching from smoking to vaping, prefer nicotine salt disposable vaping devices. 

Disposables vapes are perfect for beginners 

We’ve basically already talked about one of the main reasons why disposable vaping devices are so popular, and it’s because it is so compact, lightweight, and pocket friendly. These devices can go anywhere, without being in the way and that is why so many consumers love these disposable vaping devices. Not only the size of the disposable device, but the flavours, the taste, and the nicotine options all play a part. The biggest touch point for customers when it comes to disposable vaping devices is that it’s a ready-to-go vaping device, no refilling, no maintenance, no charging, literally just removing the packaging and starting vaping.  

Disposables vaping devices are cost-effective and affordable 

A disposable vaping device is much cheaper to use than most other vapes, especially when looking at mod vape kits. When you have a refillable vaping device, it’s not just the cost for the device itself, it’s the cost of monthly e-liquid as well as coils. Disposables are a cheaper and more affordable alternative, especially if vapers want to experiment with different flavours.  

Disposable vapes are available in multiple flavours 

Disposable vaping devices are available in the most popular vaping flavours such as menthol flavours, dessert flavours, tobacco flavours, drink flavours, fruity flavours and fruity menthol flavours.  


Disadvantages of disposable vape pens 


Most disposable vaping devices available in the UK offer between 575 puffs to 600 puffs. This results in the device, this always depends on the usage, but the device will last more or less 3 – 7 days. After the e-liquid and/or the battery runs out, this device then needs to be disposed of which in all honesty does have an impact on how environmentally friendly these devices are. On the other hand, Riot Squad recently launched a recyclable disposable vape, made from bio plastic.  


We’re now certain that we explained well enough why you need to stock disposable vapes in your store, by explaining why they are so popular among consumers. In light of this article, it’s clear that if you don’t stock disposable vaping devices in your shop you might miss out on attracting new customers, miss out on sale opportunities and potentially might lose customers. Fill your vape unit with the top vape brands in the UK, and if you don’t have a vape fixture in your store, be sure to contact us to qualify for a free vape fixture at contact@vape-stop.com. 

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