Vape Category Solution

Vape Stop was developed to support and solve a recurring issue for retailers across the UK. Since Vape hit the UK market the focus nationally has seen Vape Stores as the destination point for switches to covert.

Retailers have highlighted that a category approach to fixtures that a not brand-led but category and education lead are critical to their business. Vape Stop has been developed for this reason.


Using industry experts, the UK’s largest specialist field team to offer support, education and advise will offer the retailer a truly unique service.

Vape Stop wants to ensure that we work with the FMCG’s leading brands such as EDGE, VYPE, NZO, Aqua Vape to support the existing C-Store consumer while introducing the brands that will bridge the gap between Vape Stores and C-Store. So additional partnerships with Pukka Juice, Ohm Brew, Vapecom, Club Juice to name a few allow a truly best of both approach for retailers.

Vape Stop offers true category support

Vape Stop offers true category support to our partners, underpinned by education to support retailer and consumer interaction.

Vape Stop offers retailers an industry-leading fixture solution completely FOC, offers support visits FOC and ongoing education all FOC with the core focus to add value to their business.

Vape Stope with Wholesaler support will deploy 8000 solutions across the next 12 – 18 months in all formats of FMCG while supported with a 50 strong field force to ensure visibility nationally