Industry leading category solution launches in the UK FMCG market

Industry leading category solution launches in the UK FMCG market

Vape and FMCG industry service provider, Vape Stop, will be rolling out 8000 fixtures of new industry leading fixtures, into retail, within the next 12 months.

The Vape Stop business was developed as a truly bespoke category solution to offer retailers and consumers choice of product, in a convenient yet controlled manner. The key focus for Vape Stop is to enable retailers to support consumer purchases, regardless of their stage in the vaping journey.

With some truly transformational partnerships, Vape Stop is developing and installing industry leading fixtures, free of charge, and offering support to partners while ensuring the category works harder for brands and partners.

“We see Vape Stop as a true category partnership with support, education and service at the forefront of the business. We have listened to retailers’ objectives for the category and we will support them on that journey.” said Phoenix2Retail director, Andrew Dignam.

Phoenix2Retail is a business developed by a team of industry specialists with roots hailing from one of the UK’s largest vaping retailers, and experience dealing with numerous of the world’s largest brands.

2020 has seen tremendous growth for Phoenix2Retail, and 2021 is set to look no different, with a field team footprint that serves numerous FMCG brands across multiple sectors nationally, including partnerships across vape, oral nicotine, health care, home care and soft drinks.

It was within these 8000 retailer strong partnerships, which the field team recognised a requirement for a leading category fixture solution within stores, along with industry supported retailer education. Vape Stop is bringing this solution to market and further roll out plans, supported by one of the UK’s largest specialist teams, will be released soon.


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