11 Tips on how to increase your vape sales!

11 Tips on how to increase your vape sales!

Looking for advice on how to increase your vape sales. The vaping industry is continuing to grow year by year as more people turn to vape. Most retailers are selling vaping products in their shops, to take advantage of the ongoing trend. As the vaping market dominates, and most retailers are joining the vaping community it’ll get harder and harder to promote your products. Not just that, but the fact that promoting vaping products on social media is actually prohibited. In this article we’ll cover tips and ideas on how you can increase your vape sales as well as some strategies to attract new customers to your shop, so read on to increase those profits.  

How can I increase my vape sales?  

Increasing your vape sales might not just bring you more money, but it might also increase your store traffic, which ultimately will result in more and more sales. So, the million-dollar question is how do you do it? Below we’ll share some tips and tricks as well as marketing and general advice on how you can increase your vape sales.  

Tip 1: Intensify the user experience 

Purchasing vaping products is not just something people do; it should be an experience. People are ultimately looking for advice on what would work best based on their experience as well as their preference. If they are visiting your shop with the intent to buy vaping products, then it can mean two things, either it’s based on the convenience and that they don’t want the hassle of going to a vape shop, or it might be that they noticed the vaping products and are actually considering to buy something for the fun of it. Both of these instances might be an extra sale, so giving them advice on these products might enhance their experience as well as might result in them referring friends and family to your store.   

Tip 2: Retailer rewards program 

Another great way to intensify the user experience is to offer a rewards program based on certain products. This might also urge them to come back. These could really be a simple rewards program such as stamping a piece of paper and after every fifth purchase for example they can get a certain percentage off or even a product for free.  

Tip 3: Going the extra mile for your customers 

Customers also like to feel heard and they value feeling important, so if a customer asks for a certain vape product and you don’t have it, make sure to take their contact details, call your vape wholesale supplier and ask if they have this product. On Vape-Stop.com you can just access your profile and purchase the product in question. Vape-Stop.com offers Express Order facilities, as well as access to category-leading vaping products such as disposable vapes, e-liquids, vape devices and more. The customer will definitely feel valued and they will tell their friends and family about the efforts you have gone through to get them a certain product.  

Tip 4: Stay up to date with the vaping trends 

There are tons of vaping community pages on Facebook and Instagram. Staying up to date with the latest vaping trends will also help you in giving advice to your customers who’s showing interest in your vaping products. This might also create an opportunity for you to engage on these platforms with fellow vapers and retailers to get your name out there.  

Tip 5: Promoting your new vape products  

You cannot run ads on any social media platform for any tobacco related products. This makes marketing your vaping products so much more difficult, but not to stress, here are a few ways in which you can promote your vape products:  

Tip 6: Create your Facebook page 

You can create a Facebook page for your shop. You won’t be able to upload vaping or alcoholic products as part of your shop, but getting your shop name on Facebook is already a step closer to getting noticed. You can still post content on your Facebook page with regards to your vaping products, you just can’t promote it in any way. People use Facebook for fun and to see content based on their interests and hobbies, so if you post a product that your customers find interesting, you will definitely increase your store traffic. You’ll have to do some research to reach your desired group of people by using certain hashtags. It also might be a good idea to ask customers to like your Facebook page or even make it part of your rewards program.  

Tip 7: Join Facebook groups 

We have mentioned this before, but joining Facebook groups related to vaping will just be beneficial to you. Most Facebook Groups are area specific, so this will ultimately help you to reach your desired target audience quickly and let them know about your new vaping products. There are tons of Facebook groups available such as Facebook groups for just general chatting about certain products and others for promotional items. So, get going and join those groups.  

Tip 8: Join the Reddit communities for vapers 

Join the Reddit community as there are multiple chats going on about vaping as well as promotions and giveaways. Running a small competition might also prompt customers to visit your store, perhaps to pick up their winnings. This will help to spread your store name and people in and around the area might become more and more interested.  

Tip 9: Advertise your shop in vape magazines 

Getting your store name and location in the magazine will be a big win. Vape magazines allow advertising, which in the vaping community is very nice, given the fact that you can’t advertise anywhere online. You can look at vape magazines such as Vapouround Magazine, VapeLyfe Magazine, and Vapour Magazine just to name a few. 

Tip 10: Partake in email marketing 

This is one proven way of promoting vaping products that will definitely bring you more sales if done right. Prompt customers (that is if you haven’t already) and ask them if they’d like to sign up for your newsletter. You can even offer them a discount if they do as a way of closing the signup. In your newsletter, you can tell customers about new vaping products arriving, and top trending vape products and make them aware of any specials or promotions.  

Tip 11: Join the quit-smoking niche 

Make it known in your store that you support the quit-smoking niche. People who smoke cigarettes will always be keen to hear about ways to quit smoking because that is the one definite thing that all smokers have in common, they all want to quit smoking. Assure them that vaping will help them in their quitting journey and that it’s worth a try. Engage in laying out the benefits of vaping versus smoking and make them aware that you’re supporting their journey by recommending certain vaping products.    


There are various ways in which you can increase your vape sales. It is important to build your knowledge around vaping, if you are stocking vaping products, this will help in building closer relationships with customers.  If all of the above sounds very complicated, you can always appoint a marketing company to do all of the above for you. Phoenix 2 Retail specializes in marketing within the vaping category, so be sure to give us a call to discuss how we can further help you increase your vape sales.  


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